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Latest Testimonial

Barry has literally saved my life!

On the 5th of July 2018, I was diagnosed with Blood Cancer. On its own, this was terrifying to come to terms with, however it was only after I discovered that my Chemotherapy treatment was to be given orally in tablet form and for the rest of my life!….this to me was even more scary, as at the age of 35 I have never been able to swallow a tablet/capsule or even contraceptive pill!

I have spent my whole life avoiding medication where I can or taking liquid form if necessary.
Knowing that I ‘had’ to take these tablets whole, ‘not crushed in jam, ‘mixed in water’ and ‘on an empty stomach’ absolutely petrified me! I knew I needed to give myself the best opportunity to try and stabilise this incurable cancer or end up being beaten by it.

I had picked up a card of Barry’s and gave him a call to see if he could help…and that he did!
I saw Barry for my first session only a few days after I called and I went through my situation and my anxiety behind my problem and it went from there.

Barry is a very kind and gentle man, he has an amazing approach to helping others and we even both shared a tear after my first session where I was able to swallow a ‘tic tac’ as if it were a pill….something I have never been able to do before and even made me gag, just trying to practice putting it in my mouth!

After a few sessions, I was able to swallow gummi bears, Cod liver oil capsules, vitamins and even cola bottles whole! But more importantly, I can now swallow my medication!!!

Some people have a completely different idea of what they believe ‘hypnotherapy’ to be but it really is broken up into ‘hypnosis’ and ‘therapy’ both of which Barry can help with and does so well, getting to the route cause of the problem and then teaching your subconscious mind to overcome it!

I would highly recommend Barry to anyone who is even considering help through hypnotherapy, be that to quit smoking, weight control or anxiety….he has saved my life and could greatly improve yours too! Barry, Thank you.



I had several hypnotherapy sessions with Barry and I must say what a lovely, friendly warm person he is, who immediately put me at my ease and welcomed me into a pleasant and comfortable room.

I liked Barry’s open-minded, patient, attitude and he gave me the feeling he had all the time in the world to listen to me.  I easily relaxed and let my mind go free, to wherever it led and really enjoyed the discussions after about my journeys and deciphering their possible meanings and interpretations for me.

Barry gave reassurance throughout, discussed the intentions of the sessions and gained consent before carrying on. I feel I benefitted throughout the weeks, as my life changed, and I had a big disappointment which I was able to discuss with Barry and it was a real release of pent up emotion.  What surprised me, was that I was able to move on from that disappointment so quickly and have the courage to find more joy in my life, which I am convinced was due to the sessions with Barry. Barry wholeheartedly celebrated my success, as I will his success as a hypnotherapist.


Burnham on Crouch

A few months ago, I was browsing through the Facebook pages when I stumbled across a post from Barry who was looking for volunteers to assist him with his hypnotherapy training. I was at a very low point in my life: 53, fat, drank too much, feelings of being undervalued, worthless, in a relationship that really wasn’t going anywhere – to be honest, I felt very insecure and cast away alone at sea; unanchored and on a path of self-sabotage and self-destruction. I knew my lifestyle was all wrong, but I couldn’t see a way of improving myself and my lifestyle.

I decided to contact Barry, thinking it would probably be a waste of time, but I felt desperate. Happily, Barry contacted me and arranged a first session.
I was filled with trepidation, unease and scepticism before the first session. Barry soon put me at ease, firstly explaining what he was in training for, his reasons for wanting to become a practitioner and then we eased into a conversation about the reasons why I answered his advert, explaining the life experiences which led me to his door. It soon became apparent that emotional and psychological trauma I had experienced in the past was the root cause of my problems and Barry was very optimistic he could fix them and leave me feeling like a new person. Again, I was sceptical, especially when led me into relaxation hypnosis. I didn’t think I would succumb but I did, and Barry led my sub-conscious mind on a journey of healing. I am sure that the timbre of Barry’s voice also assisted bringing me to a quiet and calm place, as he has such a comforting and reassuring way of speaking, plus the tone is very pleasing to the ear – I mentioned after one of our sessions that the voice is very important when being led into relaxation/hypnosis and that Barry should record his sessions for people to listen to at home.

As I am writing this, I still can’t believe how effective the hypnotherapy session was, but when Barry brought me back to consciousness, I felt so much better! As though a huge weight had been lifted. I felt freer and stronger than I had 15 minutes prior. This session was all about changing direction in my life and, seriously, it worked! During the same session Barry performed another technique which was incredibly effective and positive. I arranged another appointment and left; the feeling and emotion inside of me was incredible. That first week between appointments I was drinking much less, I changed my diet, re-started exercise classes joined a dance class the same week. Psychologically I was feeling happy and more positive. To this day, I say that nothing short of a miracle occurred, and after only 1 session!

Subsequent sessions brought out huge emotional trauma from my past and all the pain I had experienced were raised to the surface and, literally, via the chest and head area. I shed some tears but more from relief than pain. No sooner had the trauma emerged, Barry found a way to disperse it and I was left feeling free, light and trouble free.

My last session with Barry was yet another emotional session, but one of joy, happiness and positivity. I have much to thank him for. Now mid-January and my life has changed, 100% for the better. I have shed 19lbs in weight and my weight loss journey is ongoing. I am currently alcohol free, exercising and attending the dance classes I love so much, where I have met a wonderful set of people. I am so grateful I responded to his advert and that he agreed to take me on. I think life events happen for a reason, and the people you meet in life you meet for a reason. I was supposed to meet Barry and for that I am eternally grateful to the powers of the universe that led me to reply to his advert.
Thank you for everything Barry. I wish you every success at your craft. I know you will go on to change the lives of many people, for the better. Good luck.

January 2018
DC Burnham-on Crouch

Alcohol dependancy

I contacted Barry to see whether he felt he could help with what I felt had evolved into a dependency on alcohol.

Barry was very easy to communicate with and seemed to have understood very quickly what was needed in my case.

After just a few sessions, things were becoming easier and I had lost any compulsion to just grab a drink for the sake of it.



November 2019


This is from a very brave young man, who not only has Cerebral Palsy, but also Nystagmus (involuntary eye movements) and suffered a fall whilst on holiday.  The fall affected his confidence in his ability to live his life independently.  He has overcome so many obstacles in his life, and this was a major set back for him.

“I first became in need of a hypnotherapist following an accident in April 2018, where I slipped in a shower and dislocated my knee.

I first met Barry after my mother picked up his card whilst attending a completely unrelated appointment in Wickford.

Barry has rapidly speed up my recovery, although I’m still unable to walk around outside fully, but this is due to physical constraints rather than anything to do with my injury or confidence.

Thank you Barry”

I am pleased to say that he is now much more mobile.  When I first worked with him, he had difficult walking without the aid of his stick even a few metres. Between us, he was soon able to walk around his home unaided.  It was a real privilege to have been able to help him regain his confidence.


I had been experiencing insomnia for about 2 months and was feeling awful.  I had seen my doctor multiple times who tried me on different medications with limited success.  At that point I decided to try something different so searched online and, after reading the positive reviews, decided to contract Barry.  My goal was to not only fix the immediate issue but to also find a long-term solution that did not involve medication.  When I contacted him, Barry responded immediately and was confident that he could help.

It was my first real time seeing a therapist so I was a tad anxious as to what to expect, but I need not have had concerns.  From the get go Barry was easy to talk to and made me feel completely comfortable.  He clearly explained the process he would follow and, after an initial session discussing my background and the issue at hand, developed a tailored solution to my sleeping issues.  I ended up visiting Barry a few times and throughout the process he handled the issue with respect, put me at ease and was genuinely concerned about finding a solution.  We worked through a number of different methods identifying which worked best.  Barry has provided me with invaluable techniques to help me “switch off”/improve my sleep, and for the first time in a very long while I am able to get 6-7 hours sleep a night without medication.

I would have no hesitation recommending Barry as a therapist nor the hypnotherapy treatment itself, and if I am ever in need of help again, I know who I will be calling.




I have been a smoker for many years, having given up in my early twenties with, at the time very little effort, only to stupidly start again in my mid 30’s. Since then I have tried various attempts to quit but with little success. It just seemed so much harder the older I got.

I really did enjoy smoking even though I knew the health risks and naively allowed myself to push these thoughts to the back of my mind. Over the last year though I have constantly been thinking of giving up but finding that surge of determination was not easy to come by.  It is then that you realise you are not in control of this habit, that it controls you. I also realise now, how many times I would not want to go somewhere or do something because I couldn’t smoke.

I was recommended by a friend to try Barry – his brother who was a particularly heavy smoker had seen Barry and with great success. I had my initial counselling session which I found to be very cathartic and also I was so impressed that we were structuring my hypnotherapy to my needs and circumstances. Barry gave me great confidence that I could actually achieve what I assumed to be the impossible – to be smoke free!

I am in the early stages of my journey but have not once have I wavered – don’t get me wrong – you still get the occasional urge but I am convinced this is more to do with the habit – I have never been more determined to succeed.

The sense of freedom I now feel is amazing, I have no stress about where I am going, or how long I will be there because I do not need to factor in smoking to my day. I feel such a sense of achievement and the pride my family have for me is so very gratifying.

I would thoroughly recommend Barry to anybody who is considering taking this journey.


North Fambridge



“I had little, to no knowledge of hypnotherapy when I contacted Barry Bennett.  An initial meeting was arranged whereby Barry explained clearly how he worked and we soon established a good rapport, which gave me assurance and trust in him.

Following two further sessions, I am very happy to say that his professional help has lead me to make very positive changes in my life.

I would highly recommend him.   Debbie”


I rang Barry when I was struggling with finding the best fit/therapy for my 13 year old son, who had just been diagnosed with clinical depression brought on from anxiety. He was so sad, tears were never far away, and he wasn’t attending school very often, and was unable to see any way forward. I was skeptical, but am an open-minded person, and my son needed help, and as a parent you will do anything to help your child out of a big deep dark hole. Barry called me back within a day, which in itself was a life line, as all other areas of getting help were proving such hard work. When he called I felt an immediate sense of somebody wanting to help, which I cannot possibly put into words how amazing this feels when you are at your lowest believing nothing and nobody can help you to help your child. We arranged an appointment for Barry to meet us, and in that first half hour meeting Barry achieved more with my son, than I believed was possible, and made an important connection with my son with ease, which comes naturally to Barry. Seeing Barry was the best thing we could have ever done for my son, …and me. Going forward at our following appointments Barry used hypnosis and talking therapy, and each time managed to make progress. Barry successfully removed the ‘sad’ from my son, which is something we will both be eternally grateful for. After the session that the ‘sad’ was removed, my son was tearful, but for the first time these were ‘happy’ tears.
My son says ‘he wishes there were more Barry’s in the world, because if there was, the world would be a better place’.
I would not hesitate to recommend Barry to anyone, for whatever you, or a family member are currently struggling with, because I don’t doubt for a second that Barry could assist you.

Thankful mother & grateful son.


My now 14 year old first saw Barry when she was 13 after 18 months of turmoil and mental decline.

Having tried everything and getting what I thought was ‘help’ from her secondary school, I decided to investigate further and really delve into her school ipad and phone. What I found was actually shocking and the people (her school) that I was taking advice and instructions from were the very people that were making my daughter much much worse. In fact they were the root of my daughter’s issues.

Realising she was totally brainwashed by the pastoral department at her school, I needed to find someone fast who could help her see things from a different perspective.  That’s when I came across Barry’s website.  I gave him a call and he spent a good amount of time speaking with me to fully understand everything.  He gave me some excellent advice during the call and explained that I was not to force my daughter into agreeing to see him and that, for anything to work she would need to ‘want’ to come along. With Barrys advice my daughter agreed to a first meeting which I attended and sat in with her.

During this initial session she was very uneasy and nervous but Barry tirelessly battled through, determined to make her feel at ease. By the end of the session she was indeed relaxed in both body and mind. After the session Barry phoned me to discuss everything and again spent a good hour, giving me advice and planning for the next session, which again he stressed, there was no point in coming if my daughter wasn’t fully invested.

We went back for another session and after this, I found things were improving. Once again Barry spent a lot of time talking with me over the phone and advising me on how to deal with the situation. Barry continued to telephone for updates and again to offer his advice and at no point did he say that we needed to return but that should we want to we would be very welcome.

To this day Barry keeps in contact to find out how my daughter is and I’m delighted to say she is a different teenager.  She is back to her normal self,  doesn’t suffer with anxiety,  her school work is to a much higher standard and she is so much happier.

I have absolutely no doubt that Barry played a huge part in this,  without his advice and techniques, we could still be battling against the so called professionals feeding my daughter unhelpful and hindering advice.

Barry is a very honest man, who actually cares about the profession and field that he works in.  There are no unnecessary sessions and he will certainly not up sell his services for money.  When I phoned other people in this field I was immediately told my daughter would need a minimum of 6 sessions but that would likely rise significantly as the weeks went by, how they could know this from a 5 minute telephone call I will never know.

I have no hesitation in recommending Barry and if I ever need help in the future I would not go anywhere else.

Thank you Barry for all your help.

Nail Biting

I met Barry earlier this year and in conversation he said he would be able to help me with an ongoing nail biting problem that I had for as far back as I can remember. I had heard this was curable using hypnotherapy and on speaking to Barry, who was a very approachable and friendly person, he explained to me how hypnotherapy could help.

We had one initial meeting and then a follow up hour in relaxed surroundings in Chelmsford Essex.  Barry put me at ease and explained that this one session should be sufficient to help the problem, but if required it would not be an issue to have a further top up using a remote consultation.

 At the time of writing which is around a month ago now,  I have now no longer bitten my nails at all. This is really amazing when I think of the time that this problem has been with me. So far I have not had to contact Barry for a repeat session which really speaks for itself to say what he has achieved in just one visit.

Many thanks again Barry. 

WC Herts

Emotional Wellbeing

I had got to a point where I was feeling physically unwell and was concerned regarding my emotional wellbeing. I acknowledge accessing support can be difficult for some people but personally feel that emotional wellbeing should be given the same consideration as physical health recognising this often goes overlooked.  Also, from this experience I acknowledge the extent physical health can be impacted.  I was feeling very tearful and overwhelmed and was concerned regarding my functioning and capacity particularly at work.  After taking a couple of days off work and seeking GP advice who mentioned CBT I started googling different therapy options locally.  I wanted to access privately firstly to avoid a lengthy wait if possible and I didn’t really feel comfortable having private information noted on my medical record.  I was very confused with regards to the different options available and what I needed. I had accessed counselling but I found it personally didn’t work for me.

This was when I came across an article Barry had written on anxiety in The Moulsham Times.  I called Barry who instantly put me at ease reassuring me that he thought he could help.  I explained a little bit about what was going on for me and was very fortunate that he had capacity to meet for a free consultation the following day to make a decision with regard to possibly working together to overcome my challenges.  Barry gave me a little insight into how he works.

I found Barry was personable, I felt listened to, that he understood my point of view and importantly I didn’t feel judged.  I noted an improvement following this initial consultation.  I honestly thought at the time that I needed intensive therapy (in my mind at least 6 months plus) but in fact I had 4 sessions with Barry.  Following my second consultation a close friend of mine requested Barry’s details after noticing a positive change in my presentation.  I would happily recommend Barry based on my own experience.

TC Essex